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Do you love animals just as much as you love fashion? Good, we do to! We believe everyone can make a difference in the fight to save of endangered animals through conscious purchase decisions and open dialogue. We're looking for influencers and bloggers to help us spread the word and build a movement!

What We Offer:

  • We offer 13.5% commission on sales to our affiliates and our average sale is $38.
  • 30-day tracking for each link.
  • We offer free shipping on orders $35 and up.
  • Customers in the U.S. and worldwide, & special banners and deals especially for your readers.

Want to join us? Here's how you sign up.

  1. We offer two affiliate network options: ShareASale and VigLink. You must be a member of one of these in order to earn commissions on your referred sales. If you are a member of both networks, you will only be approved as an affiliate through one channel.
    Get a ShareASale affiliate account - or - Get a VigLink affiliate account
  2. Once you have an affiliate account, you can sign up for the Shongolulu affiliate program using the links below.
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  3. Add our branded banners and shopping links to your site or blog. Get creative and start spreading the word!