Rhino Cap

Rhino Cap

Short Description:
This Hat Saves Wildlife

Considering the great threat of poaching rhinos face, a hat has never done so much good. The embroidered side pays tribute to these beautiful animals, and as always, every purchase helps save endangered animals and protect their habitats. Do good, Feel good, Look (really) good.

Thanks to a global focus on rhino conservation over the last decade, the rhino population has almost doubled but many species are still very much endangered and most are still vulnerable. For example, there are now around 2,500 black rhinos in the wild but this is still a fraction of the 100,000 that lived 100 years ago! 
We're doing everything we can to bring awareness to how close we came to losing our rhino friends. Show the world you want to save the rhino by wearing the Shongolulu Rhino Cap!


- One size fits all

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