Our Story


The Legend of the Shongolulu


Deep in the African wilderness, walks the most persistent animal on our planet: the Shongolulu.






Legend tells of the Shongolulu’s 18 million-year journey. What appears like a simple pair of feet is actually A Million Feet Marching together with the ultimate goal of creating coexistence between humans and animals. The Shongolulu is a symbol for the strength in numbers and the power of ONE; living proof that even the smallest animals can have the biggest impact.

With its million feet the Shongolulu is not the fastest — but it never gives up on its dream: one step at a time. We share this dream, and together we march.


We Are One. We Are Shongolulu.


Our Mission


Shongolulu is dedicated to protecting endangered animals and their habitats by raising awareness to prevent extinction through your daily lifestyle.

A portion of our proceeds is dedicated to global wildlife conservation efforts. The organizations we support are committed to fighting poaching and deforestation, and rehabilitating and releasing injured animals back into the wild. Our passion for quality fashion delivers a premium product with a powerful message; saving wildlife with style. Together we can make a difference all over the world that will last for generations. It's a big dream, but with a million feet marching anything is possible.

How We Give

These Products Save Wildlife. But how?

Shongolulu is dedicated to our mission. Saving wildlife, protecting habitats, and preventing extinction are paramount to who we are. Every sock, every scarf, every bundle that we sell helps achieve our mission.

Shongolulu partners with non-profit organizations working to protect endangered species and their habitats. A portion of our proceeds is donated to their wildlife conservation efforts worldwide. That means every Shongolulu product you buy today, tomorrow, and until forever, helps save animals and their homes.

But the Shongolulu mission doesn't end with financial contribution. More than just giving money to save wildlife, Shongolulu is adamant about raising awareness to create a lasting change. By featuring different endangered animals on nearly all of our products, we hope to educate the public to one of the most important problems facing us all: the threat of species extinction. Extinction is forever, and we will do everything we can to prevent it. Your children deserve to see elephants, lions, gorillas, cheetahs, polar bears, and rhinos alive, and in their natural habitats, not solely in zoos and museums. Raising public awareness to the growing issue is an important step to securing a future where mankind and wildlife can coexist harmoniously.